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AIM 08 Performance measurement

Performance evaluation is one of the most critical areas of applied investment management. Investors and institutions use it to assess how well funds perform relative to benchmarks and identify reasons for the under/overperformance. 

AIM 08.1 Tracking performance

Each ETP has a well-defined benchmark index. Tracking performance measures how well the ETP does relative to the benchmark by examining the difference between the returns of the fund and the index. 

AIM 08.2 Risk-adjusted performance -- Single factor

Oftentimes individuals/institutions are encouraged to deviate from the passive index stock portfolio investment strategy to capture alpha (i.e., abnormal returns). Doing so means that residual risk is assumed. A range of commonly-applied single-factor performance measures and their relation to the CAPM are considered.

AIM 08.3 Risk-adjusted performance -- Multi-factor

Oftentimes individuals/institutions are invest in funds that have more than one source of market risk. A convertible bond fund, for example, has market exposures to both stocks and bonds. Performance evaluation  measures must account for all of these exposures.

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